Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Make Chronicle of the Mound Builders Next Month's Book Club Pick!

Consider Chronicle of the Mound Builders for your next book club selection! It's sure to spark a lively discussion on a broad range of topics. Discussion questions are below, and I would be happy to chat with your group on Skype, Facetime, or by speakerphone.

Book club orders of five or more receive a discount. Contact me at ellemarie@ellemarieauthor.com for the discount code and ordering instructions.

Book Club Discussion Questions

1. Do you think many Aztecs shared Chipahua's views on human sacrifice?

2. Which of the 2 stories did you find more compelling – Angela's search for the meaning of the chronicle or Tototl's experiences in the 14th century?

3. What did Chronicle of the Mound Builders teach you about the history of the Aztec and Mississippian cultures?

4. If you have ever lived in or visited St. Louis, did you recognize any of the locations in the book?

5. Did you find Angela's enthusiasm for archaeology annoying or endearing?

6. Was it difficult for Chipahua to accept his loss of nobility status?

7. Do you think Tototl and Mina's relationship was typical for their culture and the time period?

8. Did you initially feel the secret society was evil or good?

9. Were you surprised to learn that the Mississippian Indians had knowledge of astronomy and dentistry?

10. If Chronicle were made into a movie, which actors would you cast as Angela and Joseph? Whom would you pick to play Franklin Oettendorf, Chipahua, and Tototl?

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